World Coins by Topic: "Shape"

There are many Ways to collect world coins.
Gold coins, Silver coins, Ancient coins, Modern coins,
Animal coins, Fish coins, Sports coins, ... you name it.

If you looking for new topic or something different way,
we suggest you, "Shape(polygon)"

Most world coins, more than 95% coins, are Circle shape.
However, there are many other shaped coins also exist.
Please check out below chart for its shape and rarity.

*If you have any question about this topic, please contact David
5 sided
6 sided
7 sided
8 sided
Rarity: 10
Rarity: 7
Rarity: 8
Rarity: 7
Rarity: 10
Rarity: 8
Rarity: 9
Rarity: 7
Example: Cook Is. $2 KM# 38
Example: Aruba 5Florin KM# 12
Example: Tonga 1Pa'anga KM# 57
Example: Pakistan 2Annas
KM# 4
Fiji - $5 issued in 2000
Example: India 20Paise KM#
Example: Barbados 1Dollar
KM# 14
Example: Iraq 250Fils
KM# 147
9 sided
10 sided
11 sided
12 sided
13 sided
14 sided
15 sided
Rarity: 10
Rarity: 6
Rarity: 10
Rarity: 6
Rarity: 10
Rarity: 10
Rarity: 10
Rarity: 1
Example: Tuvalu 1Dollar KM# 7
Example: Tanzania 5Shilingi
KM# 5
Example: Madagascar 50Ariary
KM# 20
Example: Australia 50Cents
KM# 68
Example: Czech Rep. 20Korun
KM# 43
Example: Malaysia 10Ringgit KM# 17
Example: United Arb Emirates, issued in '81
KM# ?
Any coin

Rarity we mentioned here is about the Shape not the coin itself.
From 1 (easy to find) to 10 (hard to find)


Triangle shape coin from Cook Island. Traditional thing on reverse, Queen Elizabeth II on obverse.
Cook Island / $2
KM# 38 - 1992
Sale: 7.95
Two most hard to find, rare shape coins in Brilliant Uncirculated condition.
Nonagon( 9 )
Tuvalu / $1
KM# 7- 1985
Sale: 9.95
This Nonagon, 9 sided shape coin from Tuvalu is not only rare shape coin but also beautifully designed and hard to find coin. Sea turtle on reverse, Queen Elizabeth II on obverse. about same size of US half dollar.
Coming soon
Coming soon

50 World coins
From 50 different countries!
All different, mostly(90%) BU, comes with pictured identifier sheet. These are not topical coins but random selected coins.

Great gift item for kids or for beginner

World Coins
BU(some AU)
50 Coins
Sale: $ 15.95

World coins by the pound
Circulated coins from all over the world. Dated from 1950's to 2000's, lots of European coins.
Mostly regular coins, few topical coins found.

Each sets are similar but not identical. Approximately 70 to 100 coins per set. None in holder.
World Coins
1 Pound
Sale: $ 15.95
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