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Nickel Three-Cent Pieces
     Nickel Three Cents(1865-1889)

  In the US coin history, there were two different kind of 3 cents coins in the 19th century. One made by silver and the other by nickel. The Silver Three Cent(75% silver) was issued first in Civil War era but it didn't circulated well because people hoarded the coins as silver for emergency. So the Mint issued nickel version of Three Cents to replace them in 1865. Nickel Three Cent is bigger than Silver Three Cent and it is exactly same size as Roosevelt Dime coin but there's no reeds on the edge.

Key Dates: 1885, 1884, 1887, 1883
Nickel Three Cents Specification
 James B. Longacre
 17.9 mm
 No mintmark
   (all minted at Philadelphia)
Nickel Three Cents Type coins
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Nickel 3 Cents
(1865 - 1889)
VG-8 or better
Sale: $ 19.50
Nickel 3 Cents
(1865 - 1889)
Sale: $ 89.00
Silver Three Cents   
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